Are you looking for the best floor protectors for your polished hardwood timber floors? Well, this is the right article for you. You will learn here on what are the things you need to look for first before buying the best chair leg floor protectors for your floor. You can click here to find out more.


These are the things you need to consider.


It should fit your chairs. It will be useless if you're going to fit the slider foot for a chair that is not suitable or fitted right. You have to consider that sliders for hardwood timber floors are a little bit complicated in design. It has an 'O' ring that's actually part of the actual foot. It doesn't come away compared to other different designs. These types though are easy to apply and fit. Just peel off the backing and place it in the center of the middle of the chair leg. Put on it fairly firmly then pre-drill it. Try not to go down further because it will cause damage to the eye of the ring. Install the screw that will hold the slider foot to the chair leg.


It should slide well on the type of the floor. There are types of designs that will slide better on the hardwood floors but not on cemented floors. Make sure that the right type of slider foot protector is the one that you have. Most of the hardwood timber floors would be best if you are going to buy the 'o' ring type compared to the hard finish type. Most of the hard finish types are better with cemented floors. The hard finish type floor protector if you will touch the surface is very smooth compared to the rough surface of the 'o' ring. The 'o' ring types are known for protecting the timber floors and stop any gouging or scratches on the on the floor when the chair is sliding. If you need to learn more, also visit


It should match the color of the legs of the chair. Most of these designs come with different types of colors mostly imitating the color of the wood, from timber to other hardwood materials. It is advisable that caramel or chocolate colors are the best color choices for most hardwood timber floors. They also come in different sizes where you can choose from.



If you want to protect your floor from any scratches caused by you're the legs of the chairs or tables then buying the best chair leg floor protectors will not just save you money but as well as save the floor from any kinds of damages.